We welcome faculty at accredited architecture schools throughout the U.S. to apply for an intensive 3-day workshop geared towards equipping faculty interested in teaching Mass Timber design.

The objectives of the workshop is to provide faculty in architecture schools throughout the country, holistic understanding about mass timber (what it is, its life-cycle components, design and engineering possibilities, benefits and challenges, industry connections, etc.) to enhance academic teaching in mass timber that is grounded in practice and facilitates creative explorations of design possibilities. The workshop is sponsored by the Softwood Lumber Board and U.S. Endowment for Forestry and Communities.

As the workshop balances practice and academia, the collaboration of Leers Weinzapfel Associates Architects (LWA) and Auburn University’s Mass Timber Collaborative brings together architecture, forestry, engineering and construction spanning both.

LWA is an internationally recognized architecture firm with over a hundred design awards and a recipient of the national AIA’s Firm Award, the highest honor bestowed on a firm by the AIA. LWA’s two signature mass timber buildings, John W. Olver Design Building at UMass Amherst (among the first and most advanced large scale academic CLT buildings in the US and national AIA Honor Award and Education Design Award Winner) and Adohi Hall at the University of Arkansas (the largest CLT building in the US at the time of completion in 2019 and national AIA Housing Design Award Winner) are nationally recognized as pioneering examples of mass timber architecture.

Auburn University Mass Timber Collaborative, a recipient of the 2023 USDA Wood Innovations Grant, brings together the mass timber research and education among Auburn University’s College of Architecture, Design and Construction (CADC), College of Forestry, Wildlife and Environment (CFWE), and Samuel Ginn College of Engineering (SGCE).





Cost of workshop, lodging, and meals during the workshop are covered. Travel expenses (Roundtrip airfare or car rental, shuttle bus, taxi) will be reimbursed shortly after the workshop.


Join us for 3 days in Auburn, AL and travel throughout the Southeast region.

Workshop dates have been confirmed. Order of events subject to adjustment.

Sunday, June 2

It will be requested that attendees traveling by air fly in and out of Atlanta Airport. Shuttle buses are available from Atlanta airport for transportation to the hotel. Please note that Alabama is in Central Time (CT), an hour behind Atlanta GA which is in Eastern Time (ET).

4:00 pm or later: Arrival and Check-in at Hotel.

A private hotel room is reserved for each attendee by the workshop.


Monday, June 3: 8am–7pm

Location: Presentations at Auburn University CADC Research Park. 540 Devall Drive, 4th floor, Auburn, AL

8:00 am: Breakfast provided at CADC Research Park, 540 Devall Dr.

8:45 am: Welcome & Introductions, Tom S. Chung

Workshop Welcome Remarks – Reed Kelterborn

Venue Welcome Remarks – David Hinson

9:00 am: Session 1 (2hrs) Essentials of Mass Timber Architecture in Education & Practice, Tom S. Chung

Key concepts: Sustainability, prefabrication/construction, and biophilia. Architectural strategies / possibilities for academic design explorations and professional practice applications.

10:45 am: 15 minute break

11:00 am: Session 2 (1hr) Essentials of Wood Engineering, Dr. David Roueche

Basics of wood structural properties and engineering in building applications.

12:00 pm: Session 3 (1hr) Sustainable Forestry, Wood Science & Wood Products Research, Dr. Brian Via

Sustainable Forestry, basics of wood understanding and its cellular structure and implications.

1:00 pm:  (15mins) Tour of Forest Products Laboratory (across the street at 520 Devall Dr.)

1:30 pm: Lunch (1hr)

2:30 pm: Session 4 (1hr) Key Mass Timber Precedents, Tom S. Chung

3:30 pm: Session 5 (1.5hrs) Case Study: KPNC Environmental Education Building, Tom S. Chung, Su Poon & Nathaniel Hardy

Design concept, structure and architecture integration, delegated design and construction lessons learned.

4:45 pm: 15min Break

5:00 pm: Session 6 (1hr)  Mass Timber Engineering in Practice, Nathaniel Hardy

Examples of KPFF’s mass timber engineering

6:00 pm: Wrap up Day 1

6:30 pm: Dinner together. Location TBD

8:30 pm: Uber/Taxi back to Hotel


Tuesday, June 4: 7am–7pm

Location: Travel through various locations in Alabama via chartered bus.

6:00 am: Free hotel breakfast available

7:30 am: Bus departs for tours from the hotel

9:00 am: Saw Mill Tour – Rex Lumber, Troy, AL

See first-hand the production of sawn dimensional lumber made from Southern Yellow Pine species

10:00 am: Sustainable Forest Management & Harvesting

Visit active forestry operation site

12:30 pm: Arrive to CLT Manufacturing Tour – Smart Lam, Dothan, AL. Lunch together at SmartLAM.

2:00 pm: Depart Dothan, AL. Head back to Auburn, AL.

4:30 pm: (1 hr) Mass Timber Embodied Carbon and Life Cycle Analysis, Jacob Elbrecht

Basics of Embodied Carbon and Life Cycle Analysis

5:30 pm: Mass Timber Installation Mockup - Building Science Field Lab, Auburn University

6:00 pm: Tour of KPNC Environmental Education Building under construction - Auburn University

7:00 pm: Dinner together. Location TBD.

9:00 pm: Drop-off to Hotel


Wednesday, June 5: 7am–3pm

Location: Travel to Atlanta, GA via chartered bus.

6:00 am: Free hotel breakfast available

7:00 am: Bus departs for Atlanta, GA

10:30 am: The Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design - Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA

The tour of The Kendeda Building will show the diverse portfolio of mass timber used in the building, including nail-laminated timber (NLT) decking, glulam beams and columns, and salvaged wood for stair treads.

11:40 am: T3 West Midtown - Atlanta, GA

The tour of the T3 West Midtown Building will show the uses dowel-laminated timber (DLT) panels over a glulam frame.

1:00 pm: Ponce City Market Tour - Atlanta, GA

Recently completed CLT building with innovative floor assembly.

1:30 pm: Lunch together, Ponce City Market.

2:30 pm: Workshop concludes in Atlanta, GA

3:00 pm: Drop off attendees at Atlanta airport.



Venue Host - College of Architecture, Design and Construction, Auburn University

Workshop Sponsor - Softwood Lumber Board

Industry Partners

Venues & Places of Visit

Workshop Sessions | Auburn University CADC Research Park, Auburn, AL

Auburn College of Architecture, Design and Construction (CADC) Research Center is located in a new research park near Auburn University's Main Campus and will be the workshop base location.

Forest Management & Tree Harvesting Site | Auburn, AL

The workshop will include a visit to an actively managed Southern Yellow Pine forest. Principles of sustainable forestry and responsible harvesting will be discussed with forest management professionals.

Sawmill & Lumber Production | Rex Lumber, Troy, AL

Rex Lumber has been manufacturing the forest products since the 1920’s. In the 1970’s Southern Yellow Pine lumber became Rex's main product and they pride themselves at being a leader in the softwood lumber industry.

CLT Production & Fabrication | SmartLAM, Dothan, AL

SmartLAM's Southeast production facility in Dothan, Alabama is the first manufacturer to offer Southern Yellow Pine CLT products in the US. The state of the art 225,000 square-foot plant is ANSI/APA certified and meets all the requirements to achieve PRG 320 product certification.

Mass Timber Installation Mockup | Building Science Field Lab, Auburn, AL

Mass Timber Installation Mock-up provides hands-on training and education for contractors and students. Led by Auburn’s CADC faculty in partnership with WoodWorks, it will help demystify mass timber installation by presenting key mass timber connection types and solutions in conjunction with pre-construction logistics, lifting & bracing equipment, installation efficiency and safety.

Mass Timber Construction Site Visit | KPNC Environmental Education Building, Auburn, AL

Designed by Leers Weinzapfel Associates, the new Environmental Education Building preschool facility is nestled within the 120-acre tract of the Kreher Preserve and Nature Center. The preschool promotes wonder and exploration of the natural world and cultivates a sense of stewardship toward our community and environment. Constructed from timber harvested on-site, the preschool celebrates the potential of wood – aesthetically, economically, and environmentally.  The preschool will incorporate cross laminated timber (CLT) produced in nearby Dothan, Alabama with loblolly pine from the site as a demonstration of this new, sustainable building product with great potential for Alabama’s forestry-based industries.

Visit Mass Timber Buildings | The Kendeda Building at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA

The Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design is the first building in Georgia and 28th in the world to earn Living Building Challenge (LBC) certification, the world’s most ambitious and holistic green building achievement. Rather than being less bad for the environment, The Kendeda Building fosters regenerative and restorative relationships amongst humans and nature where people give back more to the environment than they take. The building is net-positive energy and water over the course of each year. By incorporating salvaged materials during construction, the building diverted more waste from the landfill than it sent. To keep economic benefits local, at least 50% of the building materials and services were sourced from within 621 miles of the site. And it prioritizes occupant health and happiness. Watch this video prior to our tour!

Visit Mass Timber Buildings | T3 Building, Atlanta, GA

T3 Atlanta is the second T3 office building (“timber, transit, technology”) by the developer Hines. The completed 7-storey T3 Atlanta office building, at 205,000 sqft timber area, is currently the largest mass timber building in the US. The gravity system for this building is comprised of Dowel Laminated Timber (DLT) floor and roof panels over a Glulam post and beam substructure.

Visit Mass Timber Buildings | Ponce City Market, Atlanta, GA (Time permitting)

619 Ponce, an expansion of Atlanta's Ponce City Market, is a four-story mass timber office building which includes 85,000 square feet of office space and 25,000 square feet of retail space and utilizes Georgia-grown southern yellow pine from Jamestown's forestland. In addition to using more sustainable building materials, designers of the loft-style project are targeting LEED certification and net-zero carbon operations. The four-story structure includes glulam post-and-beam construction with CLT floor and roof decks.


Q: Is the Timber Faculty Workshop open to any architect, or only to architecture school tenure-track faculty?
A: Thank you for your interest in the Timber Faculty Workshop. The workshop is only for current faculty with preference being for tenure-track faculty.


Q: I will begin a tenure-track faculty position after the Timber Faculty Workshop dates. Am I still eligible to apply for the workshop even though I will not formally be a tenure-track faculty during the workshop dates?
A: Yes, you are eligible. Note that “while preference would be given to tenure-track faculty, all faculty in accredited architecture schools in the US are eligible.”


Q: Is the Timber Faculty Workshop open to tenure faculty?
A: Yes, the workshop is open for tenure-track and tenure faculty.

Attendee Reviews

From last year's Workshop 2023

“This Workshop has inspired me to encourage architecture students to embrace the amazing potential of timber design. I can't wait to get started!”

“This was an amazing experience and I was so honored to be selected to be a part of it. I learned so much and am so inspired now that I am going to recommend this to my friends and colleagues if this happens again. Thanks so much for doing this and I hope you are able to continue to do this again.”

“An amazing opportunity to learn about mass timber in an immersive environment amongst other architecture faculty to help share this knowledge with our students.”

“I am still excited about the three plus days spent with a group of lovely individuals who had no problems admitting that they did not know everything but were there to learn. I loved the passion and engagement of the presenters."

“It was so great to be among people, both participants and organizers, who are so committed to reimagining the building industry! A welcome and refreshing change from other such programs.”

“I appreciated all of the levels of information shared from creative through technical.  It felt like a truly holistic exploration of the material.”


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