Sustainable Design Research

We have created environmentally responsible architecture since the firm’s inception in 1982. Sustainable design principles, including strategic urban infill, the relationship of the building to the landscape, the use of natural light, energy efficiency, and material research, inform every aspect of our work. We strive to create qualities of space that encourage users and the public to value them for generations.

Research & Review

We actively pursue sustainable design opportunities, strategies, and goals through material and systems research and design review by the Green Monsters, our in house sustainability group. As part of our design process, each phase of design is reviewed internally and alternative environmental strategies are considered. We strive to minimize the environmental impact of the buildings we design by seeking technical solutions that respond to the site and system requirements. A significant amount of our work includes public projects in dense urban areas. Sustainability in this context is critical for the neighborhood as well as the environment. The new Area B-2 Police Station in Boston’s Dudley Square neighborhood, for example, was built on one of the worst brownfields in Massachusetts, the previous home of an electroplating company. After significant remediation, underslab ventilation was still required, and was incorporated into the design. This project is the first LEED Gold Building built by the City of Boston. Our firm is nationally ranked for sustainable design in the 2014 Architect Top 50. We joined the AIA 2030 Commitment and are working towards the goal of carbon neutral design by the year 2030.

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Practicing Green

As sustainable design practitioners, we are committed to increasingly green firm operations. We have implemented a firm wide recycling policy and are committed to reducing waste and paper consumption. We regularly monitor energy use and office operations and evaluate ways to reduce our carbon footprint.