North Chiller Plant at UMass Amherst receives Architect’s Newspaper Best of Design Award

The Architect’s Newspaper notes that this years categories expanded to 47 and received over 800 submissions. Declaring that the 2019 awards are the most successful yet, the jury selected projects from firms both big and small across America that exemplified quality design.

This year, the UMass Amherst North Chiller Plant was awarded Best of Design in Infrastructure. The new 10,592-square-foot chiller plant, a component of the university’s 2012 Campus Master Plan, is designed to increase the reliability and capacity of chilled water service throughout the growing north campus core by reimagining the existing regional plant it replaces. The design of the North Chiller Plant was proposed to remain outside a view shed from the center of campus to the Northwest, referred to as “The Feather” in the Campus Master Plan. Its innovative parallelogram shape accommodates new chillers parked at an angle inside the narrow building, while allowing important campus views from the existing engineering building.

View the online cornerstone article announce all of the winners, honorable mentions, and editors’ picks of this year’s AN Best of Design Awards: