Dartmouth News: Views From the Green
Dartmouth College features new Anonymous Hall in their March issue of Dartmouth News.

Located at the heart of 1960s medical school buildings on the school’s siloed north campus, the 32,995sf Dana Hall project — as well as new entrances for its surrounding buildings, a wide pedestrian bridge, and new circulation between buildings — is transforming the college’s least compelling area into a well-scaled, inviting north quad.

The initiative will generate an accessible, seamless link between north campus and the historic green and main campus, allowing it to be shared with undergraduate sciences.

The demolition of an unused laboratory adjacent to Dana Hall made way for its new addition, which reorients the building to create inviting campus connections to the south.

Comprising the new social center of north campus, the addition houses the building’s lobby and a café, with an adjacent terrace overlooking a green.

Tied together by a spiral object stair visible from the south lawn, the building’s upper floors contain faculty offices, classrooms, and places for student gathering. The penthouse level features a solar-paneled canopy and a south-facing planted terrace that overlooks the iconic main campus.

The feature shows the red spiral staircase and Dartmouth students gathered. Photo taken by Robert Gill.


See feature here: https://news.dartmouth.edu/photos/galleries/views-green-march-2020?utm_source=dhome&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=carousel