Growing Our Leadership

We are delighted to look toward the future in this post-pandemic era, and to expand our leadership group to meet new challenges.  Please join us in welcoming three new Associate Principals – Ashley Rao, Kevin Bell, and Katia Lucic- who will continue our commitment to architecture and urban design of the highest quality to enrich human experience and strengthen our social fabric.

Ashley Rao, AIA, LEED AP, CPHC
A firm leader with a collaborative design sensibility and exceptional communication skills, Ashley is equally able to articulate design concepts and to engage challenging construction issues.
Kevin Bell, AIA
Kevin leads the firm’s technology integration process, guiding the studio’s digital direction.
Katia Lucic, AIA LEED AP

With broad experience in campus and site planning as well as architecture and interior design, Katia brings a comprehensive view to each of her projects.

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