High School Internship – Walk & Draw!
We hosted a Walk and Draw around Boston for the High School Internship Program. During this session we walked around and drew three different views of Boston and explored three different techniques to drawing.

In partnership with the Mayor’s Summer Jobs Program we hired 2 Boston Public School students who are interested in pursuing a career in Architecture. The program is organized by the Boston PIC (Private Industry Council), who connect BIPOC students with local businesses in the design and construction industry. In our 7-week paid internship, the students are introduced to the fundamentals of architecture, exposed to various professional and academic paths possible within the architecture field, as well as the general professional development skills necessary for starting down their own path. Our internship allows these students to build up their own portfolio through independent design exercises, and to contribute to real projects by joining various design team discussions in the office. For many years we have supported other summer programs each year for BPS high school students and other public high school students to gain exposure to architecture; one graduated from college as an artist, and another will graduate with a professional degree in architecture next year.