Adohi Hall Recieves Honor Award in Building, Design & Building Magazine

Adohi Hall has been recognized for excellence in wood architecture, receiving an Honor Award.

“The Wood Design & Building Awards program provides a platform to acknowledge the strides that have been made for wood architecture over the years, as well as an opportunity to celebrate the omnipresence of wood in architecture around the world.” explained Etienne Lalonde, Vice-President of Market Development for the Canadian Wood Council. “The range of submissions, from the smallest wood installation to the largest building, displayed a sophistication and innovation that is celebrating in our evolving wood industry.” – Wood Design & Building Magazine Press Release

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School Construction News features Dartmouth College Dana Hall
Dartmouth Renovation Project on Target for LEED Gold

This project reuses and adds to a vacant 1960’s library in the heart of the medical school quad, transforming it into a vibrant faculty center.


Located at the heart of 1960s medical school buildings on the school’s siloed north campus, the 32,995sf Dana Hall project — as well as new entrances for its surrounding buildings, a wide pedestrian bridge, and new circulation between buildings — is transforming the college’s least compelling area into a well-scaled, inviting north quad. Read more

Read article here:http://schoolconstructionnews.com/2020/01/15/dartmouth-renovation-project-on-target-for-leed-gold/


“Forget the log cabin. Woodbuildings are climbing skyward-with pluses for the planet.”

Washington Post features Adohi Hall at The University of Arkansas and Design Building at The University of Massachusetts Amherst in recent article on Mass Timber construction and its potential on slowing climate change.

Principal, Andrea Leers, FAIA is quoted in the article saying, “There’s an experiential aspect of wood, It feels like a connection to nature. Everyone yearns for it.”


Read full article here: https://www.washingtonpost.com/climate-solutions/2019/12/12/forget-log-cabin-wood-buildings-are-climbing-skyward-with-pluses-planet/?arc404=true

North Chiller Plant at UMass Amherst receives Architect’s Newspaper Best of Design Award

The Architect’s Newspaper notes that this years categories expanded to 47 and received over 800 submissions. Declaring that the 2019 awards are the most successful yet, the jury selected projects from firms both big and small across America that exemplified quality design.

This year, the UMass Amherst North Chiller Plant was awarded Best of Design in Infrastructure. The new 10,592-square-foot chiller plant, a component of the university’s 2012 Campus Master Plan, is designed to increase the reliability and capacity of chilled water service throughout the growing north campus core by reimagining the existing regional plant it replaces. The design of the North Chiller Plant was proposed to remain outside a view shed from the center of campus to the Northwest, referred to as “The Feather” in the Campus Master Plan. Its innovative parallelogram shape accommodates new chillers parked at an angle inside the narrow building, while allowing important campus views from the existing engineering building.

View the online cornerstone article announce all of the winners, honorable mentions, and editors’ picks of this year’s AN Best of Design Awards: https://archpaper.com/2019/12/2019-an-best-of-design-awards/#gallery-0-slide-11 

The Sophia Gordon Center for Performing Arts Receives a BSA Accessibility Award

The renovation of the Sophia Gordon Creative & Performing Arts Center transforms a mid-century theater facility into vibrant theatrical teaching, performance, and support spaces for a new generation of students. Originally constructed in 1958 as a general use auditorium on a developing campus, the 650-seat Mainstage Theater building was ripe for reimagining, longer meeting the current needs of the theater department and the wider university.


See all recipients here: https://www.architects.org/2019-design-awards/accessible-design

The North Chiller Plant at UMass Amherst Receives a BSA Honor Award in Design Excellence

Each year the Boston Society of Architects/AIA (BSA/AIA), often in collaboration with other organizations, sponsors awards programs to honor design excellence in Massachusetts, throughout New England, and beyond. By recognizing remarkable achievements in architecture, the design community highlights exemplary projects that serve as inspiration for practitioners. Equally important, these awards elevate the potential for positive impact that architecture has on quality of life for everyone.

See all recipients here: https://www.architects.org/2019-design-awards/honor-awards-for-design-excellence 

Co-Founders and Principals Andrea Leers and Jane Weinzapfel featured in Women In Architecture

“Jane and I came to the beginning of our profession in what I would call the second wave of feminism, after the first wave of suffragettes.That was the 1970s, there was a real woman’s movement in the United States. And we worked very hard and long to advance the equality of women at that time, despite enormous differences. Then we went through a long period of thinking it was fixed.” -Andrea Leers, FAIA

“Women’s right are continuously fixed now. This is since Athens, when women were put back in their house, after centuries of being out in the world.” – Jane Weinzapfel, FAIA

View Here: https://caviar.archi/women-in-architecture/