Our practice is led by a close knit group of individuals whose vision, skills, and dedication shape its core values.

Founding Principals Andrea Leers and Jane Weinzapfel together with Principals Josiah Stevenson and Tom Chung share overall guidance of the firm. Long time colleagues Winnifred Stopps, Associate Principal, and James E. Vogel, Senior Associate lend depth and perspective to our collaboration. Senior Associates Kevin Bell, Jeffrey Fishbein, Ashley Rao, and Associates Juliet Chun, Katia Lucic, and Ben Wilcox contribute specific areas of expertise to benefit the firm as a whole.

Key Personnel

Kevin J. Bell, AIA
Senior Associate

A graduate of the University of Michigan and native Michigander, Kevin received his Master of Architecture from the University of Virginia where he was a cofounder and editor of the interdisciplinary design and research journal lunch.

Kevin joined Leers Weinzapfel Associates in 2006; bringing with him unique experience in allied fields including graphic design, information technology, and a hands on approach to design and construction. Kevin has five years experience as a graphic artist with the University of Michigan Medical School working on a variety of projects from interactive mapping, extensive print and web work, to temporary and permanent signage. Within the studio, he leads and coordinates digital technologies and their incorporation in the design process. Kevin has been an integral part of award-winning academic and infrastructure projects from the time of his arrival.

Kevin leads frequent studio discussions and instruction related to digital technologies and graphics and has been a guest critic at several area architecture schools.

Zhanina Boyadzhieva, AIA
Architect + Business Development Representative

My passion is the relationship between cultural concepts and physical contexts. Architecture is a reflection of a culture at a given time but it is also a powerful tool for reshaping future social patterns and beliefs. It can heal, provoke, question, stimulate, inspire, and transform.

Juliet Chun, AIA

Design is everywhere and every aspect of it is constantly evolving – it’s what makes our profession so exciting!


Tom’s journey from Seoul, Korea, where he was born and raised in his early childhood, to the US where he grew up and was educated gives him a deep multi-cultural understanding of design in its cultural context. He views Architecture as one of the last remaining Renaissance profession in its confluence of art, culture, technology, and business. Educated at the University of Virginia and the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Tom is a dynamic and talented design leader with the ability to inspire others. In his over 20 years with the firm, he has been the primary designer for a number of the firm’s most prominent award-winning projects. He has an exceptional talent for leading the design of complex projects with an unusual ability to listen and transform the clients’ expressed needs into a compelling architectural expression. Within the studio, he is a mentor and advisor to the next generation of young designers.
As adjunct faculty, Tom has taught design studios at Northeastern University School of Architecture and Wentworth Institute of Technology, exploring architecture, urban design and advanced timber technologies. Tom speaks nationally on advanced timber design and serves on design reviews and award juries throughout the country. He is a Trustee of Boston By Foot, a non-profit educational organization that promotes walking tours of Boston-its history and architecture, and serves on the Design Professionals Advisory Council at Wentworth Institute of Technology. More information about Tom can be found in his BSA Profile interview here

Donna Donovan
Jeffrey Fishbein, AIA
Senior Associate

With over 25 years of experience, Jeffrey is a talented and experienced project leader with an expertise in higher education new building, renovation, and adaptive re-use. He was educated at the Rhode Island School of design in both Fine Arts and Architecture.

Jeffrey joined Leers Weinzapfel Associates in 2008. His prior experience focused on the renovation of architectural landmark buildings, including Alvar Aalto’s Baker House at MIT. Since joining the firm, Jeffrey has led several of the firm’s award-winning university and civic building projects from conceptual phases into the field. His depth of experience and knowledge of materials and their assemblies make him a key member of the Quality Assurance / Quality Control Committee. He has contributed significantly to the firm’s address of the AIA 2030 Challenge.

Jeffrey has lectured on his work at MIT for the Baker House and Simmons Hall at the AIA National Convention and has been quoted in numerous magazines on both projects including Architecture and Metropolis.

Maryam Karime, Associate AIA

I am driven by the process of creating a holistic and compelling vision in response to the forces that affect good design, which is thereby thoughtful, empowering and transformative. It has the ability to impact and shape the lives of people well beyond our lifetime

Iris Kim

Design aspires to realize often unthought of imaginations of an enhanced future.  I believe that design enables an art of storytelling that allows for the conveying of complex cultural narratives. As designers we have the responsibility to challenge and address critical issues, and the capacity to search for holistic solutions.

Andrea P. Leers, FAIA

Two early experiences shaped Andrea’s approach to architecture- her studies at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Fine Arts, then led by Louis I. Kahn, after her degree from Wellesley College, and her year in Japan as an NEA-Japan U.S. Friendship Commission Fellow. When she and Jane Weinzapfel met in their internship years, they discovered they shared values and the desire to establish a firm with the goal of creating a bold and refined architecture for the public realm. Dedicated to seeking cross-cultural connections, Andrea is an internationally recognized leader in urban and campus design, and building for higher education. She is equally known for her expertise in the design of award-winning courthouses.

In parallel with her practice, Andrea has had a continuous teaching career. She is former Director of the Master in Urban Design Program at the Harvard Graduate School of Design where she was Adjunct Professor in Architecture and Urban Design. Her previous appointments were at Yale University, the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Virginia. Internationally she has taught at Tokyo Institute of Technology, National Chiao Tung University in Taiwan, and the University of Paris, Sorbonne. Andrea was a Visiting Artist at the American Academy in Rome, and she lectures and participates in symposia and design juries throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.

Andrea’s work has earned her the recognition of the Boston Society of Architects Award of Honor. She is currently Commissioner for the Mayor’s Boston Civic Design Commission, and is a member of the University of Washington Architectural Commission. She serves on the U.S. General Services Administration’s Public Buildings Service National Register of Peer Professionals.

Josh Liebla

I never fail to be amazed by our ability as designers to analyze a given problem and nurture our conceptual thoughts into physical solutions. It is for this reason that I welcome both the responsibility and opportunity of shaping our built environment for the better.

Katia Lucic, AIA

Katia is an architect with over 25 years of experience in architecture, interior design, urban design and planning. Katia collaborates with wide range of interdisciplinary professionals to create inspirational spaces. She loves solving complex architectural problems and is adept at building lasting client relationships, assembling collaborative partners and managing internal teams. She combines her strong commitment to sustainability, design innovation, authenticity and craft with careful attention to the needs of her clients.

Her design thinking spans from creating intimate spaces to large, complex buildings including learning environments, sports venues, performance arts venues, religious spaces, housing, and student life buildings. Her buildings are characterized by strong integration with their surroundings. She consistently searches for opportunities to connect the transition zones between buildings and open spaces and capitalize on new infrastructure as a way to extend nature and unite architecture, landscape, and ecology.

Her recent work reimagines existing structures and demonstrates how changing building envelopes can improve the quality and experience of the public realm as well as positively impact the environment through state-of-the-art building materials.

Katia is passionate about bringing diversity and inclusion to the design industry.  She is serving as a trustee of the Boston Architectural College, an institution that brings opportunities for students who might otherwise not be able to enter the field of architecture and design.


Vy Mai, AIA

The process of architecture is an act of optimism towards a world we want to live in. The negotiation of history, site, program and construction into a single vision is fulfilling work. I hope to be a part of creating spaces that inspire communities working towards their own visions of the future!

Laura Patrick

As an interior designer, I look to environmental psychology to inform design decisions, and believe it plays an integral role in providing a sense-of-place for the end-user within the built environment.

Su Poon, LEED Green Associate

Design is an opportunity to realize our shared human aspirations, staying rooted to the environment, history and culture while having fun at the same time!

Ashley Rao, AIA, LEED AP BD+C
Senior Associate

A building is a custom solution to a complex problem – a specific site, client, program.  It’s made where it will be used.

Josiah Stevenson, FAIA, LEED

A graduate of Dartmouth College and the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Josiah joined Leers Weinzapfel Associates in 1986 and became a Principal in 1998. Josiah leads the firm’s community and civic projects giving special attention to how they relate to their historic contexts and our sustainable future. He founded the firm’s environmental study group, Green Monsters, and works to lead the profession towards sustainable awareness. Josiah’s dedication to both the conceptual and pragmatic dimensions of architecture have made him a particularly successful designer of complex renovations and additions. He has led the design of several award-winning civic projects in Boston and beyond.

From 2006 to 2011 Josiah taught a professional development seminar entitled “The New American Courthouse” at the Harvard Graduate School of Design Executive Education Program and has taught studios at Wentworth Institute of Technology.  He is the author of several magazine articles on courthouse design and worked with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to develop Courtroom Design Guidelines. Josiah has served on the Designer Selection Panel of the Massachusetts School Building Authority, was the former Commissioner of Design for the Boston Society of Architects, served on the their Honors and Awards Committee as both chair and member, on their Harleston Parker Committee, a group awarding the “most beautiful building in Boston” and served as their 2017 President.

Alissa Marcano Santelli
Administrative Assistant
Through design and understanding of the context, I hope to be part of the catalysts of creating places that represent the communities living in them. The boundaries of creation are not only bounded by the structure but by the meaning and function of the design intent.
Winifred Ann Stopps, AIA, LEED AP BD+C
Associate Principal

Winne has taken an unusual route to the field of architecture, passing first through training and practice as a physician in Canada with a degree from McGill University School of Medicine. She acknowledged her first passion for design returning to Yale where she was an undergraduate to complete a Master of Architecture.

A talented and highly effective project leader and team manager with over 25 years experience, Winne has developed an expertise for managing technically demanding complex projects and has led several of our largest higher education projects. Many clients appreciate her insightful intelligence, depth of experience and ability to coordinate a large team of consultants from programming through construction with exceptional rigor and efficiency.

Winne has lectured on classroom design at the SCUP 2012 North Atlantic Regional Conference, and SCUP 2013 in Montreal. Her publications include co-authorship of the new chapter on Project Teams in the 15th Edition of the AIA Handbook and an article describing the new MGH Russell Museum, “A Bright New Face”, in Health Care Design Magazine.

Tammy Teng

“Design relies on our ability to recognize patterns, inspire the search for solutions, and generate ideas that bring impact to people’s lives.”

Matt Vocatura, AIA, LEED Green Associate

I strive for a balance between the abstract and technical in all that I make, never forgetting that our hands can be our most powerful tools. From the kitchen to the studio I’ve learned the value of iteration, and that like many things, architecture is both process and product.

James E. Vogel, AIA, CSI, LEED AP
Senior Associate

A graduate of Cornell University, Jim has been with the firm since its inception becoming the key technical and construction resource for all of our projects. He has been most involved with projects in the public realm, including recreation and athletic centers, courthouses, police stations, and complex renovations.

Jim provides the firm with a high level of technical coordination, in-house specifications, and construction supervision capability. He leads the office Quality Assurance/ Quality Control Committee frequently giving in-office presentations on lessons learned from the field.

He taught in the internship program at Endicott College in Beverly MA, and participated in Portfolio Reviews at Endicott and Wentworth Institute in Boston. Jim coordinated the City of Boston Youth Design program for the firm, as well as the firm’s interns from Cornell, the University of Virginia, and other architecture schools.

Jim has served on the Ethics Committee for the Boston Society of Architects, and was the chair of the Building Committee for the Arlington Street Church.

Benjamin Wilcox, AIA

“A building’s concept is brought into reality through the details.”

Jane Weinzapfel, FAIA

A native of Tucson Arizona and distinguished alumna of the University of Arizona, Jane came to the Boston area shortly after her studies. While working as an intern architect, she met Andrea Leers, and after several years with a large architecture and planning firm, they founded Leers Weinzapfel Associates together. Jane is a design leader in campus academic facilities and campus design in general, and has a special expertise in award-winning infrastructure and transportation design. Dedicated to the craft and technology of design, she has led many of the firm’s investigations of new materials and systems.

Jane has been a Visiting faculty member at MIT’s School of Architecture and Planning and at the University of Arizona College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, where she was on the Dean’s Advisory Committee. In 2002 she was a Visiting Artist at the American Academy in Rome. She lectures and participates on design juries widely throughout the United States, Italy, and the Middle East. She has been a Design Critic and Lecturer at several universities in the U.S. and abroad.

Jane’s work and achievements have been recognized with the Boston Society of Architects Award of Honor. She was a board member and past president of the Boston Society of Architects. She is a Board of Overseers member and former Trustee of The Boston Architectural College and is a Trustee and Former Board Chair of Boston by Foot. She has served on the Mayor’s Boston Transportation Advisory Committee and the Mayor’s Government Center Plaza Task Force in Boston, MA. Jane also served on the Massachusetts Executive Office of Community Development Designer Selection Board.

Courtney Wilson
Marketing Coordinator

I am passionate about all aspects of art and design and am drawn to ways it can play a role in experience through visual story-telling.

Jeffrey Wong

Architecture is about collaboration and conversations. It should be progressive and fluid in its ideas, representing the collective of people who uses it and makes it.