Wentworth’s New Multi-Purpose Academic Building: A Showcase for the Evolution of Teaching
Leers Weinzapfel’s latest project, Wentworth’s New Multi-Purpose Academic Building, was recently featured in WMUR’s article “As Wentworth’s New Building Goes Up, Students’ Understanding of Construction Does, Too”, for its role in being a tangible educational tool for their students, as the building is in construction.

WMUR notes that Wentworth students have the opportunity to participate in a summer co-op, allowing for a hands-on learning experience, promoting the “intangible made tangible” in construction education. This new building has a dynamic duality for the students of Wentworth, by being an interactive opportunity for them to work on site, as well as becoming the future academic space for their fields of study. President of Wentworth, Zorica Pantic, continues by saying that this sort of project is what draws prospective students to the institute. Ultimately, the New Multi-Purpose Academic Building will be a showcase for the evolution of teaching from engineering technology to engineering and innovation programs.


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