Critical mass: Can low-carbon wood construction catch on in the U.S.?
Tom Chung, principal at LWA, the Boston firm that designed the U-Mass building, said he’s an advocate for three reasons.

Principal, Tom Chung, was featured in Energy News Network article discussing three reasons why he is an advocate of wood construction. Chung lists three reasons, “CLT is a renewable resource, provided that the wood used to make the products comes from a sustainably managed forest, as verified by third-party certification. And the production process is much less carbon-intensive compared to concrete or steel. Second, the CLT is usually exposed in the building interiors, as the wood is aesthetically pleasing. And that adds to a building’s sustainability because construction requires fewer resources — ‘you don’t have to have additional materials to cover up the structure.’And finally, because the products are prefabricated in a factory, the process of assembling the building is faster, quieter and results in less construction waste, he said.”- Energy News Network


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